Launching 3 connected websites with integrated booking tool.

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The challenge

Zuiderhuis is a travel agency that offers both group travels and individual travels across the world. They came to us when they were about to launch a new brand, named Bunkhouse (travels curated for younger audiences). However, the long term vision was to create three interconnected websites for all three brands: Zuiderhuis, Noorderhuis and Bunkhouse.

The websites are a core part of their business, since this is where a lot of revenue is generated through online sales and bookings. Next to that, the websites are ever changing through the continuous addition of new products and content

Thus the websites had to be easy to use for both the end customer and the internal content/marketing team at Zuiderhuis. Lastly, it was important that visitors could feel the sites are interconnect and part of one big family.

Our approach

We tackled the challenge by implementing the following solutions.

  • Workshops to determine the main use-cases and most important features of the websites.
  • Collaborative wire framing sessions to determine the right format from the start.
  • User testing sessions to test usability before development started.
  • Development through bi-weekly sprints, transparent communication and progress updates through kan ban boards.
  • Performance stress-testing before launch to make sure the websites could handle the traffic.
  • Post-launch surveys on the websites to verify client happiness.
  • Headless WordPress set-up to allow for easy content management and data to flow to other tools
  • Integration with Servico to allow customers to book and manage their travels online.

The result

After this process we achieved the following results.

  • The launch of bunkhouse.travel
  • The launch of noorderhuis.travel
  • The launch of zuiderhuis.be
  • Happiness rating of 89% with customers through an online survey (1.743 responses), who indicated to be satisfied with the website redesign. (zuiderhuis.be)
  • Reduced bounce rate with 20,05% after launch of redesigned website. (zuiderhuis.be)
  • Increased conversion rate (bookings) with 10,10%. (zuiderhuis.be)
  • A bunch of compliments from people in the travel industry ❤️
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