Re-usable website platform for real estate projects

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The challenge

VB Partners is an established player in the real estate market with both regular and luxury premises. They were looking for a platform to highlight current and future development projects. It was important that the platform could be easily re-used for every new project. This would make the launch of each new project more efficient. Each new website would have to be adjusted to the branding of the specific project.

Our biggest focus for the websites were the following:

  • A great user experience so visitors can easily find what they are looking for
  • A design that allows for lead generation and is optimized for conversion
  • Good visualization of the real estate projects
  • CMS to allow for full customizability & easy content management 
  • A system to easily duplicate and launch a new website for a new project

Our approach

We tackled the challenge by implementing the following solutions.

  • Workshops to determine the main use-cases and most important features of the websites
  • Collaborative wire framing sessions to determine the right format from the start
  • Mobile first design phase with multiple touchpoints
  • Development phase with bi-weekly sprints and frequent status updates
  • Testing phase with both our team and the VB Partners team
  • Training to make sure the team is familiar with the CMS
  • Support with integration of External CMS (Zabun)

The result

After this process we achieved the following results.

  • The launch of an easy to maintain and easy to customize platform which resulted in multiple project websites, such as:
  • Real estate applications where visitors find their way to the information they are looking for in a blink of an eye
  • A steady lead flow from website to CMS
  • An easy-to-use environment where the real estate team can add and edit projects without any help from a developer or designer
  • Cool visualisation of units in an interactive render 😎
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