Ongoing Lead Generation for Brixter

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The challenge

Brixter is a real estate investment company that matches people who are looking to invest in real estate with unique and profitable investment opportunities.

You can invest in their projects that include both medical and residential real estate. Our challenge was to help them generate leads to find investors for their projects.

Our approach

We tackled the challenge by implementing the following solutions.

  • Strategy workshop to determine the buyer persona’s and their customer journey.
  • Creation of lead magnets to collect personal information.
  • Meta Lead Ads to generate leads for the different projects.
  • CRO with convertful on their existing website to increase conversion.
  • SEA campaigns.
  • Marketing automation.

The result

After this process we achieved the following results.

  • Worked on a total of 8 projects (so far).
  • 500+ leads which have generated actual sales.
  • Re-usable playbook to launch new upcoming projects more efficiently.
  • A/B test learnings about copy, media, formats and what information to include inside advertisements.
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