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About Purple Panda

By now, we have already successfully completed dozens of internships. This means we know very well what we are looking for in an intern and what we can offer. With us, it is especially important:

Are you motivated and passionate about your work? Do you like working together with people? Do you have a strong foundation in one of our domains? Then you are in the right place! We will figure out the rest together with you!

Your Profile

We provide internships in these fields:

  • Intern Design
  • Intern Development
  • Intern Cross-media
  • Intern Marketing / Sales

Eager to see what kind of projects we do as a company? Check out our services!

Your Task

As an intern your daily tasks will be tailored to the field of your education. You will be working mainly on client projects, when time left we have a huge backlog of internal projects we can start at any point.

Your Abilities

Do you check most of the boxes in this list? Or do you check some but have a great attitude and learning potential? 💪  Get in touch with us at hello@website.purplepanda.be.

  • You have a strong basic knowledge of your field of education.
  • You are not afraid to share your own creative input as a full member of our team.
  • You are passionate and motivated. We are looking for eyes filled with sparks.
  • You know how to communicate in a team.
  • You are eager to learn and believe that anyone in any function or phase has still a lot to learn.

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