Increase your conversion with 5 powerful principles

October 9, 2022

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A strong marketing strategy includes a clear, measurable and concrete marketing goal. One of those marketing goals is conversion. With conversion, you want your visitors to make a transaction. Such a transaction can include different things: commercial sales or quote requests, but also, for example, job applications or contact requests. In this blog, we give you 5 powerful principles to increase conversion.

1. Define your goal in advance

Ensure a clear view of your campaign goals and the conversions you want to achieve with these campaigns. Define these and do not deviate from them during the entire campaign.

It is also important that you can measure the results of your campaign. When measuring, you use a one metric to measure (OMTM): this is one key metric to evaluate the success of your conversion campaign. An OMTM is, for example, the number of purchases: “How many effective purchases have come from my campaigns?” Thanks to an OMTM, you measure the effectiveness of campaigns and stay on top of things.

2. A strong landing page

Effective, conversion-driven online marketing means a strong landing page. The use of a landing page can be a powerful tool to generate the desired conversion. Here are some things that define a strong landing page:

  • Clear information about the product or service: people visiting your landing page need to immediately see what your product or service stands for. Additionally, visitors must see immediately how their needs can be met. In addition to standard text, strong additions to describe your product are service testimonials or visual step-by-step plans.
  • Clear CTA: In addition, a good landing page has clear, striking and simple call to actions. Two or three is more than enough: the simpler and more concrete, the better.
  • Ensure a match in meaning: both the text and design of the advertisement need to match the landing page. “The advertisement I just clicked on matches the landing page I am now on, so I am on the right page.” This process may take one millisecond and happens completely unconsciously, but research* shows that this results in more conversions.

3. Work Mobile first

We live on our smartphones and mobile traffic continues to increase. Therefore, ideally, you work from a mobile-first approach: make your campaigns and any landing pages or lead forms tailored to mobile and thoroughly test this. Can you easily request an appointment via your smartphone? Can you easily apply online? Does the webshop work well on mobile? What does the thank you page look like? Are you being redirected correctly? If visitors get stuck, there is a high chance they will bounce. Bye, conversion.

4. The importance of a lead flow

Collecting leads is a smart approach to generate conversions. By engaging leads for a product, you can ultimately make them convert. However, make sure you know how you will follow up on the leads beforehand. If the follow-up is too slow or poor, you will lose them.

Before the campaign starts, this lead flow should be clearly defined. Each type of campaign has its own lead flow, adapted to the goal of the campaign. For example, mailing automation can be part of your lead flow. A mailing automation can warm up cold leads that already have shown interest. Such a flow does not work for a job campaign however, where people can apply through an advertisement. Here, you need to act fast: calling the lead immediately is much more effective than sending a follow-up email.

5. Test – analyze – retest!

What works wonders for one campaign may not necessarily work for another. Marketing is not an exact science. Therefore, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but test different things, determine your OMTM, and evaluate in time. You can test messaging, use of images, and even landing pages. Document the results and adjust your campaigns. And test again. This way, you eliminate the things that do not generate much conversion, and you only keep the powerful formats.


Making your target audience convert at the drop of a hat? It’s not as easy as it seems! By using the above tips, you will get a lot further.

Do you want to take your conversion campaigns one step further? Contact one of our digital strategists. We’ll be happy to help you!

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