Creating awareness and getting leads for Pluginvest

Pieter, Tine and Giandra discussing a strategy

Pluginvest is a company that offers accessible solutions regarding charging stations. It’s an Antwerp based business and was founded in 2016. Their goal is to make the transition to electric mobility easier for everyone, both private and business.

The challenge: Why did Pluginvest ask for our help?

The share of electric cars on the road is on the rise, and Pluginvest wants to be the market leader for charging stations. They also want to keep finding new businesses to work with, as one of their main focusses is installing charging stations for companies.

Our challenge was to maximise both the awareness and lead generation for Pluginvest, to make sure their target audience became aware of them, and to get them new leads to work with.

This can be achieved by:
Getting to know their target audience
Building dedicated landing pages
Optimising SEO content on their website
Publishing expert content
and much more.

What follows are some campaigns we rolled out for Pluginvest.

Our approach: How we tackled the challenge

In order to tackle the Pluginvest challenge, we first got to know their target audience, marketing goals, KPIs and effective marketing ideas, before creating a new marketing plan.

Their goal was to maximise lead generation and awareness, with some room for improvement in the SEO and SEA field as well. That’s why we implemented several campaigns in our growth trajectory, reaching from LinkedIn and Meta, to Display and dedicated landing pages.

We collected leads applying an omni-channel strategy to create awareness with target audiences through multiple channels, using differing methods like an e-book and automations.

Along with awareness and lead generation campaigns, we also implemented growth experiments, like native ads, in their marketing strategy.

Our Result: How Purple Panda was able to help Pluginvest grow

We calculated precise KPIs, and thanks to these KPIs we were able to monitor our marketing performance very precisely.

Through the awareness and lead generation campaigns we set up, along with the growth experiments, we made sure Pluginvest reached its target market. Our goal to generate leads was largely met, with a total of 5.000 leads spanning over all campaigns.

Our goal to raise awareness was also met, as we reached over 2 million people of their target audience on Meta over the last 9 months, and over 1 million of them on both Twitter and Google. On LinkedIn we reached over 750 000 users in their target audience. This all with an average frequency of five touchpoints per user.

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