Even more changes for Meta: What to expect

januari 30, 2023

Meta changes

No but wait, this time it’s actually good things! Meta will be changing how we can target minors, so they are protected more while browsing the app. And that’s not all: nipple censoring will soon be a thing of the past, as Meta will #FreeTheNipple of women, trans, and nonbinary people.

Targeting minors

The first thing that will change at Meta, is the way we can target minors while advertising. It’s the latest attempt to keep our children and youth safe, while browsing their apps. We will no longer be able to target on gender, in-app activity, and pages they follow or like. So what will we be able to target? Age and location. Those things will become more relevant than ever.


Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have been banning nipples for decades now, and people want change. Whereas the nipples of male bodies are not getting censored, those of non-binary, intersex, and trans people are. This highlights that Meta still has a binary view of gender, but this might be about to change in 2023.

For now, Meta’s AI has been trained to filter out sex work, and sex trafficking, but with this #FreeTheNipple, the distinction between sexuality and nudity would become clearer. This change could be especially good for sex-positive brands, and companies who post about well-being.

What do you think?

Will your company have an advantage, thanks to these changes? Or are you not happy with them? We at Purple Panda think that it’s a good thing Meta is protecting our minors, and we say yes to #FreeTheNipple!

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