Anne Drake

Decrease your ecological footprint without sacrificing comfort or style.

Client: Anne Drake
Project: Website, Webshop, Blog
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The Idea

One day, Anne Drake was watching a documentary which would impact her life forever. ‘Plastic Planet’, as it was called, depicted how our plastic centered lifestyles are poisoning not only our planets health but also our own. It made her question our consumer lifestyle and she knew she had to change something. Anne Drake started watching her consuming habits, and step by step, reduced the waste production of her 5 person family significantly.

After going through the process herself, and seeing how feasible it actually is to reduce the amount of waste you produce to nearly zero, she wanted to inspire more people to take action.

She quickly realised that the creation of a strong online presence and personal brand were going to be a determining factor. She needed a platform where she could reach people, inspire them and give them the information and tools needed to take action.

With these clear intentions in mind, we went to work.

Bringing It To Life

We built her website to do exactly these things: inspire, educate and connect people to the products making this lifestyle possible.

Inspire & educate

On her website you will find her blog which she updates regularly. She uses this channel to share her personal tips, recipes, findings and ideas with her community.

Workshops are also a big part of her strategy. This is where she teaches people practical ways to reduce their ecological footprint. The hands-on experience rarely fails to inspire, which is why she has been asked to host workshops at companies like IKEA and Siemens. You can explore her upcoming workshops and buy tickets on the website.

All of this is connected by her newsletter, which is used to notify people of her new blog updates, workshops and more.

Connecting people to zero waste products

Living the zero waste lifestyle is a lot easier when you have the right tools. These are often products that are hard to find, and after attending workshops or reading blogposts, people would often get stuck because they didn’t know where to order these products. This is why we built a webshop where you can find all the products that are mentioned in blog posts or workshops.

With affiliate links to local shops and providers we are further supporting these ecological stores and the movement towards a zero waste lifestyle.

The Aftermath

Recently Anne Drake has been everywhere. Getting attention from nearly every major news outlet in Belgium. Thanks to this recent traction, people are discovering the zero waste lifestyle daily, and a lot of them are taking steps to decrease their ecological footprint. The community she has created and continues to foster, is growing steadily. And her website,, is the central hub for all this activity.