About us

We are driven by our motto, ‘be proud, have fun’. It may sound 🧀-y but it’s true. Our satisfaction comes from beating the odds, fun collaborations and elevating ourselves and our clients to their max potential.

Purple Panda was founded in 2017 and has it’s roots in the start-up scene. So it’s only natural that exploration, flexibility and speed have been in our DNA from the very start.

What we do

We help companies grow by working closely with them to determine what the opportunities are in their market. We then help them capture these opportunities by building digital products and setting up digital marketing campaigns.



Sales & Marketing Advisor

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Digital Marketeer

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Founder & Strategic Partner

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Founder & General Manager

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Software Engineer

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Account Manager

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We're looking for talented people to help us turn our challengers into superstars. 🌟

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